Fotolia_53822465_Subscription_Monthly_XXLRoot canal therapy is an endodontic treatment. Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that studies and treats the inside of your tooth, namely the dental pulp and tooth nerves. When tooth decay or damage is more extensive, reaching past the enamel of your tooth into the dental pulp, infection often occurs. This can cause severe pain and eventual tooth loss. Often simply called root canals, root canal therapy aims at saving your tooth and restoring its health and function.

A root canal in Mayfield, Ohio can be completed in just one visit to our office. Led by our gentle dentist, Dr. Castellarin, our dental team ensures your treatment is as pain-free and comfortable as possible. We will numb your tooth with local anesthesia before removing all infected dental pulp and tooth decay. Once the inside of your tooth has been thoroughly cleaned, a medicated, rubber-like material is used to fill the space. Your tooth is then sealed with a filling or crown. If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, especially when biting or chewing, root canal therapy may be right for you. To schedule your visit at our dental office, call a member of our friendly dental team today for more information. We look forward to caring for your smile!